fabric stores = take-home art galleries

To those uninitiated into the mysteries of fabric stores, first thing to note is there are goodies & not-so-goodies. Just as in everything else.  And, what’s a goody for one person’s style ain’t necessarily a goody for you.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking!

The thing with fabric stores is you get to fondle the art works, take them home with you, and either make them into something you can wear or something you can use in your daily life.

Want some Picasso?  Start searching, because he’s on fabric.  How about Monet?  Ditto.

Have your own ideas?  Paint or photo them and do a quick search for a printer who can print them onto fabric for you (silk, cotton, linen – your choice). Presto – you’re a designer!

There have been small kits (from HP or Avery, in U.S.) for doing this with home printers, too. Used one meself, for a long gone tee shirt, over 10 years ago.  Give it a go if you’re so inspired!

today’s photos
Have been putting off doing pants for weeeks & finally figured out why.  I don’t want to make an error in fit, or go to the time & trouble of sewing a full muslin trial.  So out is coming a shorty pattern, for a trial, but eventually in the green teal, for summer.

Decided maybe something not too big, in a colourful rayon fabric I love, might get me over the hurdle.

Sigh.  Spring.  Wishful thinking.   Sigh

Counterbalancing that, did 2 quick updates for winter hats, one with an easily removable button, and the other with an even more easily removable pin.

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day!