weekly photo challenge: selfie

as close as I get to a selfie: judging a hem ;emgth
as close as I get to a selfie: judging a hem length

Self, a. pl. Selves [AS. self, seolfsylf; akin to OS. self …] Same; particular; very; identical.

Would rather not feel self-conscious so don’t do selfies.  No judgement on anyone who does! Just not my thing.

With so much gorgeous fabric and beautiful flowers and bazillions of other things to photograph, how boringly dull to do just moi!

Off the soap box and on to a blanket that’s becoming a hat (those huge flowers on black fleece), and probably a bunch of other things still to be determined.  And the pattern, natch!Large_EN-285

McCall's 4116, center & bottom right versions
McCall’s 4116, center & bottom right versionsMcCall’s 4116, which hat… maybe several…

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