more on thermal curtains

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Photo Copyright Brian Cleckner

Since much of the U.S. is having the worst Winter in ages, and since I just read & watched some neat videos by Lauren Guthrie, former Great British Sewing Bee semi-finalist, thought I’d share with everyone.

My post about emergency curtains was about a month ago, and those makeshift fleece pieces are still in place.  However, here’s the right way to do thermal curtains.  Once I can decide on fabric I’ll be working this same process.  😉

However, Lauren did a lot of hand sewing on her curtains, which I won’t be doing (Bernie, my Bernina, would be terribly upset).

The general process used, fashion fabric + thermal lining + outer lining, is familiar to anyone who’s sewn a winter coat.

Managing all those loooong pieces of fabric requires a lotta space.  Even feeding the fabric through the machine can be a chore, and extra hands are sure welcome.

Looked as if Lauren had a huge table to work with, and plenty of extra hands, including her husband, Ayaz, to help with the hanging up bit.

Isn’t it nice to see Lauren’s smiling face and hear her lilting accent again?

What do you think, Gentle Readers ~ how do you do thermal curtains?  Or haven’t you!


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