warm weekend… relatively

IMG_4779What can one say about the freezing mark — it’s warmer than single digits?  This weekend was just that, clear and not too windy, so it was good to get out and keep the cabin fever at bay.  Good thing, as we’re back to arctic.


Being out rather than in doesn’t encourage sewing.  However, I did get out the Asian-inspired green print from stash and begin to make up a pillow.  I want to be able to launder the fabric (100% cotton) so zipped up a little insert out of an old sheet.  That is holding  the poly fill, but it’s a little flat.  May have to add some batting.


Trying to decide what to use for a closure.  Not pleased with these odd buttons.  What do you think, Lovely Readers?   Also considering snaps or a zip. Have never done a zipped pillow, and haven’t checked my zip stash either, which might effect a decision.  Have plenty of snaps, though.

That lovely damask fabric is a different green, but nice. It will look good with the solid green silk pillow covers friend Samantha sent over from Marks & Spencer (UK).  I feel so elegant when contemplating them. SILK!