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Click for the Australian site of all 20 Miss Fisher books, author Kerry Greenwood, and artist Beth Norling

Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) made the second season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries available just in time for the holidays, and I have the great good fortune to have a wonderful mate living in Sydney.


My holiday package arrived in due course, and I’ve been trying not to stay up all hours, or spend entire days watching all 12 episodes.  Multiple.  Times.

Am delighted to report that Miss Phryne hasn’t lost an ounce of personality or haute couture.

Each episode (and original book) deals with a different aspect of Melbourne history, and was meticulously researched by the author, Kerry Greenwood, and her staff.  If you enjoy an entertaining read, do try her books.  They are available in the U.S., somewhat behind each Australian publication.

Unlike other series that try (and frequently fail) to recapture the originals, this series succeeds.  Why?  Both the television production company and Ms. Greenwood have seen to it that she’s very involved with each script.

If you’re as eager as I, go to the source and don’t wait for U.S. distributors to make their cuts and bleep outs and raise prices. The Australian disks play beautifully on the DVD reader I have with this Mac, but do not play on a regular dvd player.  I understand BluRay will play anything, but haven’t invested yet.

Just a few tips, Lovely Readers, as many of us are outside metropolitan areas and may, or may not, have cable companies.

Do note that, as many England and many other countries around the world caution, this series handles adult themes.  Parents are always advised to view programmes before their young children watch them.

Phryne’s other locations

Detailed article from The Australian on how Ms. Greenwood worked with Ms. Boyce and  producers on costumes.

“I sent all my research material to Marion, saying these have got to be 1929 clothes, not generic Roaring ’20s, I’ve got no patience for it. My work is very carefully researched. Sometimes I have to ditch an idea because I can’t prove it. I trusted these women with my character, and said we’ve got to get all the clothes right.”

4 thoughts on “phabulous phryne”

  1. Oooo Dellis your very favourite programme, (alongside Hercule of course) bet you were in 7th heaven. Can picture it now, all wrapped up against the cold, healthy drink to hand. How long before you have to sit and watch again if only for the beautiful fashions? x


  2. I LOVED the first season… I do not know if things were cut or not?! I am in the US and watched it on Netflix. The clothes! The hair! Her fabulous personality! The adventure! Ya… I was hooked. Am impatiently waiting for Season 2! 😀


    1. Thanks for your message, Laurie – delighted to meet another Phryne fan! Don’t have the Aussie Season 1, so can’t be specific, other than to comment on what’s been done here when local PBS airs some of the programmes: Anything not PG-rated is blanked/fuzzed out, including a book cover.
      Thanks again – happy viewing!


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