extreme weather

safety pin cushion at the ready, trusty ruler & fleece ~ teensiest bit of rod shows at right edge of curtain
safety pin cushion at the ready, trusty ruler, & fleece ~ teensiest bit of rod shows at right edge of curtain

Decided yesterday morning, since the temps were falling faster than Newton’s apple, that remedial assistance was needed for my huge, single-paned, floor-to-ceiling set of windows.  Yep, the ones that already have sheers and thermal fabric over them.  And blinds.

They now also have a 30 minute set of no-sew thick fleece curtains.  Yeeha, does that deaden the traffic noise! And it’s also keeping the place warmer and helping my heating bill.

Easy-peasy solution: I’ve had 2 remnants of green fleece hanging around, waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.  Light bulb moment: Instead of going out and spending $$$ trying to find heavier curtains, why not  pin the fleece to some spare adjustable rods sitting in the closet. and slip them right between the sheers & the thermals?

So I did.  All it took were 2 handfuls of the hugest safety pins I had, and 2 spare tension rods.  You could use straight pins, but I figured safety pins wouldn’t scratch if I had to fiddle with them too much.

It does leave the place darker.  But I wasn’t opening blinds or curtains anyway, to keep the cold out. Might even use them in summer, when heat starts climbing.  Then it’s important to keep light out.  I should use light fleece then, as the dark green will absorb heat and that’s not what we want.

And the little scarf is finito, with a cute little row of fan-shaped edging in either end.  Wish I had more of that yarn, but discovered on Ravelry it’s no longer made, and no one there had more to sell..  😦

2 thoughts on “extreme weather”

  1. Thank you for writing! Good luck with your curtains, Jess, and let me know if you have any questions… was looking on ebay & in Ravelry today for more of that yarn. None. Guess everyone reeeally liked it.
    Have fun with your plans for 2014 & good luck with grad school!
    xx del


  2. I should definitely make some thermals for my windows haha, it’s such a good idea! I also love your scarf, it’s such a shame the wool has run out ss


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