crocheted scarf update

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Hopefully the next photos you’ll see will include a nice edging on the finished scarf.  Have somehow managed to avoid all such things until now, but it’s needed to finish this up nicely.

Got the bulk of this completed whilst nattering away on skype with friend Samantha (Sewinloveuk). Sooo nice getting to know each other, and for me to have another sewer & crafter to talk with.  Friend Karen works, which cuts down considerably on sewing & crafting time. But we’re working on that.  😉

Did you know the terminology is different in British and American crochet patterns? I knew that was true for knitting, but didn’t realize it also applied to crochet.  I have 2 newer books of crochet patterns and stitches purchased relatively recently.  Recently as in within the last 10 years or so.   Anyway, realized yesterday that one is American and one is British.

No wonder I was confused.  Thank you once again, Samantha, for sorting me out!

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