weekly photo challenge: beginning


BEGIN”NING, ppr. First entering upon; commencing; giving rise or original; taking rise or origin.

Beginnings can mean lots of things to lots of people.  Sometimes it may require unwinding some snarls, but the result is bound to please.

When I first “entered into” using this ball of yarn several years ago, it was as a gift for a friend.  As you can see, that hasn’t happened yet.

The knitting needle for this yarn was small, too small to ignite much enthusiasm for continuing.  So the project got put away and forgotten.

Then my lovely British friend, a busy crocheter, got me thinking about yarns I might recycle.  Here was a prime example.

On New Year’s Day I got it out, pulled the knitting apart, and got out a crochet hook.  Then the question: what stitch to use?

I started with a basic single crochet, which gives a solid finished piece.   However, I soon realized that stitch would take more than the single ball of yarn I had.  Finding more would be difficult, at best.

On to Plan B: a more open stitch that used less yarn.  And so the above was started.  And I think it may continue.

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4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: beginning”

  1. Happy new year Del!
    Well done dusting off the crochet hook, I’ve just learnt – last Sunday night. I must say, I’m ‘hooked’! Don’t think I’ll be the first to make that joke. Nevertheless, I love it. Emmely at infectiousstitches inspired me to have a go on the Craftsy beginners course and I’ve not put my crochet hook down since! Today I’ve made a hat, making it up as I go along and looking for new stitches on the internet to try. Will hopefully be adding it to my blog over the weekend.
    What’s your project going to be? Think I recognise the treble crochet! It would look good used to make a pouch with a light floral lining??? 😀


    1. And Happy New Year to you, too, Ali!
      Am so glad you’re learning crochet. Well spotted you, the stitch is a sort of half-treble crochet… have been using it for ages, when appropriate. Have you looked into joining Ravelry.com? Please do, as it’s a marvelous resource for learning more about crochet, yarns, stitches, and patterns, both free and for sale. If you do join, say hello! Reminds me… I should add this scarf project…
      xx del


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