weekly photo challenge: community

designed community
“tiny bethlehem” by
phillip & nicole de leon for
Alexander Henry Fabrics © 1994

Com*mu”ni*ty [L. communitas: see Common (com– + munis ready to be of service).]  1. Common possession or enjoyment… 2. A body of people having common rights, privileges, or interests…  3. Society at large; a commonwealth or state; a body politic; the public, or people in general.

Hmm.  All I could think of for definition #1 was a community of patterns, or thread, or maybe fabric. We call those stashes, and most everyone in the sewing community has their own, so that didn’t seem right.  Looking at #2 above, there’s the online community, and the online sewing community, but how do you photograph them?   #3… uh… online sewing community?

So I went browsing through this year’s photos hoping for enlightenment, and came upon this.  A-ha!  A small community of animals, and people, too.  Formerly a cotton table topper, it’s “tiny bethlehem” phillip & nicole de leon for Alexander Henry Fabrics  © 1994.

courtesy Fabric.com_FD-079
courtesy Fabric.com

That reminded me of a cotton flannel community of birds, from fabric.com last year, and still available.  If you get any, let me know how you’re going to use it.  I’m still debating whether to leave mine as a caftan (no sleeves to speak of) and order a bit more fabric to make some sleeves, or turn it into pants.

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6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: community”

    1. Thank you, Jess. Have thought of it so long as a caftan, but am not wearing it nearly as much as I would trousers. Perhaps time to change perspective!


    1. Ooo, hadn’t thought of that – thank you!
      Yes, have some red fleece am just about to cut into for prezzies.
      Should have lots left. Light weight fleece + flannel? Should be a good combo.
      What a great suggestion!


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