Finished those green mittens over the holiday.  Solved the elastic problem by sewing a fleece casing inside the gloves at the wrist  and threading elastic through.

Discovering a bottle of puffy paint, did a bit of doodling on the mitts’ palms.  Hope that will stop some of the slippage, an annoying characteristic of all fabric gloves & mittens.  Leather is better, but not as warm as fleece.  😉

McCall's 3677, 1993
McCall’s 3677, 1993

Have added McCall’s P461 (6377), 1993, to my collection, thanks to Erin B at Vint Hill.  Will do skirts for all seasons with it, as it’s for woven fabric, not stretch. I’ll try both, just to push the boundary, and add pockets.  If I’d had the pattern last summer, would have used the green floral print for it, instead of the dress, but am glad to have the dress.

Lots of gift sewing going on, so posts may be less frequent.  Got a copy of Emma Brennan’s Making Vintage Accessories and am busy trying to choose which one to make  first, and for whom.  It’s a gorgeous book with exciting projects.  Am getting up my nerve to make  that Harris Tweed handbag in 2014… still nervous about cutting into such wonderful fabric.

There’s also the Monthly Stitch project for December, Party!, to make.  Have several things in mind ~ will see what gets done.  Does everyone do that – plan lots of projects and actually make maybe half?

Which reminds me, last night I looked at Franklin H’s knitting blog and saw heavenly Erté.  Found the dress I’d looove to make for Monthly Stitch, but can’t find faux ermine for the skirt.  Drat.  (Tongue-in-cheek, as I’d freeze, and canNOT visualise all that fur at hip level.)

Do read past the dresses to find the knitting bags he includes – as in bags to carry your knitting.  Seems it was all the rage after WWI.  Who’d have thought?

Must thank knitting friend Lynn for telling me about the blog, suggest knitters check out her original designs, and consider joining the Lacy Knitters Guild (international membership) if you use those teensy needles!

Happy sewing, Dear Readers!