weekly photo challenge: let there be light!

candleLIGHT, n. lite. [L. lux, light and luceo, to shine.]  1. That ethereal agent or matter which makes objects perceptible to the sense of seeing…  7. Illumination of mind; instruction; knowledge.

Knew I wanted to make this pattern as it reminds me of one I had 20-odd years ago and loved.  But also knew I wanted to make some modifications, which took a bit more time than “Make It Tonight” as it says on the envelope.  Thank you, dear Karen, for the pattern!

Didn’t realize when I started that I’d end up with this version, but as the blouse came together, each change dictated the next, as I thought about the mood and feeling I wanted from the double fleeced fabric.  This isn’t an office blouse, but something to keep me warm while sitting in a cold room working at a computer.

Interesting how “let there be light” works into how we choose to make up each pattern, don’t you think?

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