bath rug from a book

Found a book I can actually use from our little library’s carousel of used books for sale: Step-by-Step Sewing Course: Essential Techniques for Making Over 150 Creative Home Projects (Reader’s Digest).  Weighing over 3 lbs. because it’s chock full of colour photos, it was definitely worth lugging home.

My little flat sits on an uninsulated concrete slab. That means my floors are ice cubes in winter.  My bath is so tiny & weirdly shaped no regular bath mat will fit.  What to do?

Thought about doing something with the extra fabric from the shower curtain, but that didn’t seem adequate.

Enter this book & a solution: add a layer of foam under the fabric. It won’t slip & it’ll have  insulation.  Yeah! Then I remembered I didn’t have any foam.  Boo!

You know how it is.  Late afternoon and you’re dying to do a project but don’t have (fill in the blank).  Substitution, right?

Had some batting for a fabric sandwich (insulation) and some leftover non-stick non-slide rubbery kitchen shelf liner stuff.  In about an hour, also had my quasi-quilted rug!

So far it’s stayed put and is warm.  Next time I’m gonna use faux fur – totally decadent, don’tcha think!   A moment of luxury, he-he-he-he-he!


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