weekly photo challenge: unexpected, or made from sewing books

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What could be more unexpected than retitling this post  monthly stitch for november: from a sewing book

Am always scouring the library for sewing books, and came across one last month that I had to have my own copy of, although so far I’ve only made 1 item, above.  There are a batch of others on the back burner, for when I have time to locate materials.

My second & third makes came from this book, which Samantha of SewinLoveUK told me she’d found in an op shop.  It sounded so good I found a copy, and am glad I did.  One of the photos with details on how to fringe reminded me of a piece of cotton I’ve had for… 20 years?  Only 1 yard, soft enough for a cozy blouse but not enough yardage… what to do?  I’ve made 2 scarves from it!

The third make is a variation on the second.  Had been wondering what to do with an old autumn skirt that never got much wear, and decided to make a cowl from it, which I also have worn a lot.  Had wanted those colours at my face, but not enough yardage for a blouse.  The cowl is a perfect solution.  And with a bit left over, made a flower.

Have more planned from another book.  Meanwhile, happy sewing!

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