one can never have too many pin cushions

When I saw the 2 pieces of this bright fabric, along with matching trim, I knew that’s what this had to be.  Thank you, Sewin Love for such a great gift!  Must have meant to be, as I even had perfect thread-to-match!

Kind of made this up as I went along, sewing the trim onto half a strip of black rayon seam binding and then inserting that between the 2 fabrics before stitching around, taking care not to point the corners too much, nor catch the binding itself in the seam.  In other words, treated the trim as if it were piping.

Stuffing it was good fun.  Deciding how to handle the bulges of trim at the corners was a design challenge.  😉

Whilst hand sewing after stuffing I noticed the binding was sticking up and the corners didn’t exactly look… finished.  So I hand-tacked the trim edge to the fabric all the way round, sewing the trim together at the 3 corners.  Much better!  Am thinking about adding a loop of the binding, so it can hang… what do you think?

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