mitten probs

Last winter Simplicity had a free mitten pattern, which I downloaded, not quite knowing why except it was there.

Earlier this week I remembered the pattern & the extra green fleece from my winter hat.*

Pattern is easy enough that even I could navigate the thumb piece into place, despite the super thickness of the fleece.  They’re now complete.  Almost.

I can’t get the wrist elastic right.  Tried & ripped out 1/4” & wider elastic and stretched the elastic waaay out whilst sewing.  None have gathered. NadaNon.

Am putting them aside for a few days… and enjoy today’s much warmer temps.  He-hee!

* Hat update!  Decided the pleats weren’t large enough ~ the thick fleece needed more definition.  Then did another seam around the crown to take up a bit more fabric and really like the fit now!


6 thoughts on “mitten probs

  1. oursewingpatch

    Had a minor panic when you say thumb pinned …. thought to myself Oh darnit, I do that all the time!!!! Then I realised you were speaking of the mittens thumb DOH! xx

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      This fleece is 4-way stretch, and I haven’t been stretching the fabric – big huge bunches of extra fabric between pins of elastic. Have been making sure that fleece wasn’t stretching! But don’t have differential feed, so maybe that’s part of the prob. Thanks for your comment!

      1. cathynd95

        mmm, odd. Do you have a roller foot? One that is usually used for things like leather? Maybe that would help since you don’t have differential feed.

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Didn’t think of that, but don’t have one. Will probably sew in a bit of binding all the way round & run the elastic through. Thanks so much for all your suggestions! Will look into getting a roller foot for Bernie.


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