weekly photo challenge: habit

# 1

You will note the first 2 definitions for habit, in the 1828 dictionary below, involve clothing.  Too easy!  And definitely not the definition used in today’s challenge.  So crafty moi will attempt both, studiously avoiding puns…

fabric stash – adding thereto
This is definitely a habit learned quite early by many, involving gee-gaws, buttons, fabrics, ribbons, patterns, or whatever.  Hopefully, there’s also the thought that it’s a good price, it’s unique, or some other incentive.

Think power tools; i.e., you never know when the need will arise, so you’d better get one whilst you can.

Examples from my stash ~

1.  Browsing for fabrics online one night, I saw this bright fleece.  My thought was it would make a good winter 1970’s style A-line pullover to wear with tights, trousers, or a long skirt.  Current use?  A light weight but warm blankie; technically, it’s still in the stash.

2.  Didn’t have a clue what to use it for, but it coordinated with a couple of things ordered at the same time.  This season it came in right handy as a contrasting lining for an apron.

talk about Big Bird...
#2. talk about Big Bird…

Sometimes you just see something, your mind clicks, and you know it’s going to be useful. For any number of reasons.  Or maybe just a hunch.     😉

HAB”IT, n. [L. habitus, from habeo,to have to hold.] 1. Garb; dress; clothes or garments in general.  2. A coat worn by ladies over other garments.  3. State of any thing; implying some continuance or permanence; temperament or particular state of a body, formed by nature or induced by extraneous circumstances; as a costive or lax habit of body; a sanguine habit.  4. A disposition or condition of the mind or body acquired by custom or a frequent repetition of the same act. Habit is that which is held or retained, the effect of custom or frequent repetition. Hence we speak of good habits and bad habits.

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  1. I love the first print so much! I agree it would look great as a jumper, but I bet it makes a great blanket too 🙂 If these are the sort of things you’re stashing, I’d say it’s a good habit xx


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