decorating the whither the weather hat ~ buttons!

My favourite play toys, buttons, should help me ease into Monday morning, November, and the time change a bit.

When doing groups of anything ~ flowers, fabrics, jewels, buttons ~ it’s always best to use an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.).  It’s probably a Rule of something.

Sometimes 1 is enough, if it’s a big enough 1, but that 1 red button on the hat isn’t, is it.  In my opinion, even the group of lovely vintage silver buttons or the red group of buttons aren’t enough.

Like the buttons?  He-hee!  Samantha’s Ultimate Vintage Upcycle may still have some.

Now look what happens with Laura P’s caramel buttons as they start multiplying across the brim of the hat.  If you count the individual buttons, I’ve put an odd number of buttons in each group (3, 5, 7), as well as used an odd number of groups (3).

Ah, maybe that little added bit of lace balances eveything - what do you think?
Ah, maybe that little added bit of lace balances everything – what do you think?

trivia: Coco Chanel began her empire 100 years ago with HATS!
Her hats became so popular and so many women admired her personal style of dress that she was able to expand the hat business into a major industry encompassing everything from perfume to jewellery to clothing, even in the midst of war.  Quite a story, sans the cinematic spin.

6 thoughts on “decorating the whither the weather hat ~ buttons!”

  1. Well, for me, I’d have the red star button with the silver ones, or the yellow ones with the lace by themselves (not the two sides groups).


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