decorating the whither the weather hat ~ handkerchiefs & lace

Before Jane Austen’s time, women were saving bits & bobs of jewellery, lace, ribbon, buttons, and fabric to use for decorative purposes ~ including hats.  That’s what I’m going to show over the next couple of days, starting with these …

Remember this collection?  It would look equally good on this hat, but it’s not coming off the blue!   And lest we forget our vintage hankies…

2 thoughts on “decorating the whither the weather hat ~ handkerchiefs & lace”

  1. Have I still got time for one more October Copycat?? I have some of those vintage hankies (one or two, SOMEwhere!) and some adorable buttons I just got at a thrift store. I can see them paired in a combination of the two ideas here.


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