whither the weather hat

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Remember this?  Last night I reacquainted myself with Bernie, the sewing machine, and finished up this thick fleece hat, using Folkwear’s Metropolitan Hat, #269.  I should explain that my improvised hat stand has unfortunate effects on the hat which don’t occur on a rounded cranium.

With only 3 pieces, it’s a snap to sew up.  I’d pictured this hat in this fabric forever (said fabric having been stashed probably 10 yrs.) but made two changes.

Because of the fabric thickness, I didn’t do a lining.  And, instead of doing the pleats down the back before sewing the centre back seam, I pleated after sewing the seam.  The fleece was stretching so much I decided not to faff about trying to get them to match. It was so much easier!

Next time, I’ll overlock everything except the pleats, which will made for a much neater finish inside.  (Because the front brim gets turned up there’s a seam that could become visible, but I’ll not turn the brim up that much.)

As an experiment with scrapes, it’s turned out quite well.  Next task is deciding how to trim it.

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