weekly photo challenge: horizon

silk tieHOR”IZON, n. [Gr. to bound, a limit.] The line that terminates the view, when extended on the surface of the earth; or a great circle of the sphere, dividing the world into two parts or hemispheres; the upper hemisphere which is visible, and the lower which is hid. The horizon is sensible,and rational or real…

Thinking outside the envelope, “The line that terminates the view” doesn’t have to be on the surface of the earth.  It can be mental or physical, involving everyone’s or just one view of the world.

One reason why upcycling clothing can be so much fun is no two people come up with the same ideas.  For instance, both Samantha (Sewin Love UK) and I skyped about ties on Wednesday.

My daisy silk tie is still in 2 pieces.  Her’s has morphed into a phone purse, a coin purse, a decorative flower, and a pin cushion.  I need a coin purse, but I’ve got 2 different ideas for the rest of the tie, and hope to get to them soon.

See what I mean ~ everyone’s horizon can be different!

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  1. Nice spin to this challenge – right down my alley! And I’ve got a whole box of ties just waiting for me to give them new identities (they’re in protective custody right now, in my closet – shh don’t tell).


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