pumpkins & frosty nights & falling leaves…

had a similar costume once, made b me mum!

Jack-o-Lantern costume

Time for Hallowe’en!

Couldn’t resist this little piccie (freebie from Amy Barickman) and then got immersed in reading more about Mary Brooks Picken.   More on her another time …

Me mum made a jack-o-lantern costume for me once, without the pointy hat.  She did something with green felt instead.  I remember we couldn’t figure out what to stuff it with, and finally decided on newspaper, which sank after an hour or so.  Quite messy, and I couldn’t do a thing while it was on!

Hope all Northern Hemisphere folks are enjoying the vivid colours, and all Southern Hemisphere folks enjoying the heat… may it not get too hot for you Lovelies!


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