it’s a wrap ~ not!

it’s finished & being worn as i type

The former wrap skirt is now a cozy gathered skirt, just in time for cold weather.  Yeah!

Used a clean, damp tea towel and steamed the life outta the 100% poly hem and former side facings that are now a seam.  Still a spot or two that’s not flat, but am wearing it, hopefully sitting on the non-flat bits.  That’ll flatten ’em!

I was remembering working with 70s polyester.  When we’d make trousers we steamed in the front pleat & sometimes sewed them 1/16” all the way down just to keep them sharp.  Anybody remember that?  he-he!

PS/ I did lop off the waist band!
PPS/ Now wondering about a lining, to keep the wind more at bay…
skirt minus waist band!
skirt minus waist band!

did you know?

One eye of a needle is larger than the other?

“The eye of a needle is created by punching it out of the metal, so one side is larger than the other.”       Reader’ Digest Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches

If you can’t get your thread or embroidery floss through one side of the needle, try the other!

Another thing I learnt is if you’re embroidering something that will get handled a lot, like a pillow, use wool thread, which takes hard usage more easily.

2 thoughts on “it’s a wrap ~ not!”

    1. Thank you, Dear One! Done, except now the hem’s coming undone – one of those pull a thread & it all comes down & guess my boots did. You know what I’ll be doing while watching Midsomer Murders tonight
      Lol!! xx del


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