skirt evolution

100% polyester wrap skirt

100% polyester wrap skirt

This morning I started taking a wrap skirt apart, to convert into a simple gathered skirt.  Said wrap was a super bargain last week at about $5.

The fabric’s loosely woven 100 % polyester, not piling yet but looks like it will eventually.  Am trying not to spend too much time with it.  Just want something to keep my legs warm on these chilly mornings, before I give in and turn the heat on!

Normally, a print that wraps vertically instead of running horizontally is the last thing I’d want. But I love paisley and the print is dark, and I couldn’t resist.

Thus far:

  • Got the hem taken down once.  There was a molto generous 3” hem, and under that another 1” hem.  Will leave that as the new hem.
  • Because the skirt originally wrapped, the 2 ends are interfaced nicely, with 1 twice as wide as the other.  Am still undecided on whether to keep trying to unpick the black threads against the very dark fabric, or just lop ‘em off.
  • Have a unique black button to add to my collection.
  • The button used on the inside of the wrap’s closure is clear, which seems to be standard for unseen buttons.   So blah.  So sad.

Knowing there’s something unique no one else can see is rather nice.  That’s why we sew, isn’t?  🙂


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