weekly photo challenge: the hue of you

Just fiddling with photos of newly washed & ironed fabrics bought earlier in the week from a local op shop, and thought to check this week’s photo challenge.  Super choice!

HUE, n. Color; dye.  Hue, in the phrase hue and cry, signifies a shouting or vociferation. In law, a hue and cry is the pursuit of a felon or offender, with loud outcries or clamor to give an alarm.

Some will become lining, the buttons will be saved, of course, and everything that can possibly be recycled will be.  Can’t beat the usefulness of good fabric!

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  1. That’s funny – your blog just popped up in my Reader as a suggested one to follow. OK, sez I, I’ll do that very thing! 😀 So here I am, following you around. 😀


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