Mr. Buchanan’s Harris Tweed

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This is such a wonderful piece of work all I can do thus far is sit, admire the colour and stroke the soft and tightly woven fabric.  After washing my hands, of course.  Harris Tweed is a proud and noble fabric, to be treated with respect, admiration, and all due honour.

As Emma Brennan wrote, “… it was made by a gentleman called Callum Buchanan on a 28″ hand loom in his Scottish island workshop.”  She continued, “In fact, it’s quite unusual these days to know who the weaver is. Most Harris Tweed is sold via a central distributor.  Mr Buchanan is one of the few remaining older generation weavers who still sell direct to the public. I’ve been buying tweed from him for many years.”

home guard clutch bag kit

There are 2 variations of Emma’s pattern, and I’ll make one or both of them up before daring to cut into this wonderful fabric.  Every single scrap will get used for something as I consider it worth it’s weight in gold.

If you don’t know the story behind Harris Tweed, you should!  It’s fascinating.  You can also find photos of the Islands, which are the inspiration for many of the yarn’s colours.

Emma Brennan, aka Charlie’s Aunt, has done an outstanding job of putting together this kit, and in sourcing the fabric.