doin’ homework & making plans

photo courtesy Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) site
photo courtesy Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) site

Don’t mean to whinge on, but remember Phryne (fry-knee) from last month?   I started watching the series, loved the impressive costuming, and immediately ordered series 1.  Have been studying costume designer Marion Boyce’s creations ever since, wondering why I appreciate this wardrobe so much more than what I’d thought was 1920s flapper style.

Doing my homework, I found several interviews (see facebook, Dear Readers) that included quotes from Ms. Boyce.  In her wardrobe analysis she felt the Phryne character was always in motion, so her clothes needed that impetus. And as Phryne has been everywhere, done & seen everything, especially Paris, the Parisian influence was needed.  Ah-hah, I though, that’s the difference ~ that’s what I like!

Phryne wears ensembles, something else I appreciate, because I get to think bags & hats.  Everything’s not matchy-matchy, and I’ve seen the same blouse, purse, skirt, etc., in different shows paired with different items, so we’re not getting paranoid or enlarging the closet too much.

Speaking of handbags…  read a great post on Catherine’s blog, Makings of an Urban Rustic.  Aren’t they gorgeous!  So cuddly… and I’ve the perfect (purrfect) velour for one.  Checked out the author & book Catherine used but felt no sparks.  Hmm.  As friend Samantha says, “When in doubt, do nowt.”

That night I remembered I hadn’t done a search on the author’s name, Emma Brennan, just looked at her books.  How un-thorough.  Next day I searched… and found the lovely author alive, well and selling on etsy.  Wha-hooo!  Saw and immediately ordered a complete kit for a luscious orangey clutch, complete with authentic Harris Tweed fabric, pattern, & vintage buttons.  (Buttons?!  TWEED??)  It’s on its way across the pond, along with the pattern, and I can’t wait!  Click for piccies & details.

So although you haven’t seen much lately, I’ve been busy here-abouts, despite the momentary sewing lull whilst the weather sorts itself out. What have you been up to, Dear Readers?