weekly photo challenge: infinite

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Who doesn’t like jewellery?!   Even 1 piece can give infinite variety, depending on what it’s used with.  Would you believe that when I first saw this piece, I wasn’t sure what I’d wear it with?  Now, it’s more like what doesn’t it look good with!

Truly infinite variety here, folks.  These were just fabrics I had out at the moment.  Oops! Forgot that stripe!

Here’s my favourite dictionary’s definition ~

IN”FINITE, a. [L. infinitus; in and finitus, terminated.] 1. Without limits; unbounded; boundless; not circumscribed; applied to time, space and qualities.  2. That will have no end.  3. That has a beginning in space, but is infinitely extended…  4. Infinite is used loosely and hyperbolically for indefinitely large, immense, of great size or extent.

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