seeing stripes

Pinstripes, to be precise.  When I saw Vogue 1236 last season I remembered this black, aging in stash for a mere 4 years. I used the pattern a couple months ago, almost as a toile, and wound up wearing the dress a lot.  So I was looking for an excuse to get the pattern out again.

Saturday morning I dove into the boxes of fabric, but couldn’t find the pinstripe.  I remembered pondering whether to keep it or toss it when packing up for the last move, but couldn’t remember what I decided.

Giving up the search, I dragged out a large black bin liner with a wonderful green fleece, thinking to assuage disappointment by making a hat out of the green. Hats + green = perfect combination!

But guess what I found at the bottom of the bag.  Yep.  There was the black pinstripe!

front pleat detail
front pleat detail

After struggling for a day, the hat’s on hold briefly, and it’s forward with the pinstripes.  Will add about 6” to the length this time, as my summer sample is ok, but I wish it had a good 2 or 3 inches more in length, and a decent hem.

Reading through the directions last night I remembered my question from summer about those front pleats: to sew down or not to sew down.  Looking closely at the pattern detail, I think they should be sewn.

If nor,not, there’s always the seam ripper.  😉  (and editing!)