crossing delancey & bubby’s apron

When I saw the name of the pattern, I immediately remembered a great actress from the movie, Crossing Delancey. Her character’s name is Bubby, as in hubby.  Her character is the quintessential Lower East Side New York Jewish grandma, and brings life to the movie.  In the trailer above, there’s even a quick scene of her wearing an apron, although not quite this style.

It’s a good think I had more than a yard of each fabric, as the ties still had to be cut, and I’d already decided I wanted larger pockets, and they also had to be cut.  I wanted a bow for 1 closure, and that was extra, too, but I managed not to need to piece it.  Oh – just realized I might have tried a bow cut on the bias.  Wonder what that would have been like… next time!  Do see the photos in yesterday’s post so you can see.

My advice: if you’re making this, have at least 1.5 yards of 45” fabric on hand for each side, and don’t plan to make it any wider!

At this point, I disregarded the remainder of the instructions, but had read them through once to be certain it was a normal construction.

First, I sewed the shoulder seams together for both sides, instead of leaving them open.  That was a design choice of mine, as I wanted longer straps without any closures.  Being a reversible apron, I did some things in bits, such as sewing along the lower edges, across the bottom, and back up the sides, starting and stopping at the markings for where the ties were to be inserted.  That left the upper halves and necks still open, but shoulder seams done and holding things together somewhat.

I wanted to insert one of the bands and double-check the fitting, and once that was done, I went ahead with sewing up that side of the pinny’s outer edge on that side only.  That I did after ironing the 2 fabrics carefully, matching up the lower, already stitched and top stitched pieces. As I got up toward the shoulder area, I wanted to make certain everything would fit smoothly, so I took extra care by ironing those seams ahead. Also made the top stitching much faster.  😉

Once the bottoms of both sides were sewn on the inside and I’d turned them right side out, I did the top stitching.  More on that below.  I chose not to try doing anything more from the inside of the pinny when moving up to the shoulder areas.  Just too complicated for me, and the fabrics seemed to be matching up extremely well, so I ironed and top stitched, still with that little edge of the lighter fabric showing on the darker side.  Am not a fan of binding on every apron!

With 1 side completed, I got to play around with a bow.  Decided to use a 4” scrap piece of both fabrics (cutting the pattern out identically meant I had identical scraps, too – hehee!)   Don’t know how long they are, I just went with what looked right.  i really thought I’d line the bow, too, but once I had one cut and tied I realized double thickness  was too heavy and thick.

But I did like the concept of some sort of gather, so did the 2 pleats when inserting the bow ties into the apron, folding them from 4” down to 2” using 2 pleats, measured by eye.  Then I completed the top-stitching of that side of the pinny, measured and ironed before inserting the bow ties.

I really did have more fun than I’d thought rolling the lighter side of the fabric over to the darker side while top-stitching around everything, and it didn’t take nearly as long as I’d imagined.

That left the neck, which had to be re-cut, as I knew I’d drive meself crazy trying to get a V-neck to match on all 4 pieces of cloth.  It got rounded right quick, seams ironed first to be sure both sides fitted neatly together, then stop stitched.  Ironing took a bit of imaginative folding, to get each side flat up around the shoulder straps, but that fabric affinity worked in my favour and kept everything neatly in place for ironing.

Just realized that I could have reversed some of the pocket pieces, and lined each side with the other… another variation for next time!

Have pinny, can bake ~ weather’s about right for the first batch of Autumn scones, and Samantha’s just sent me her mum’s fav recipe… Anybody ready for tea & scones with jam?!


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