cutting 2 patterns once

pinny turned inside out, or outside in, depending on your choice of fabric!

pinny turned inside out, or outside in, depending on your choice of fabric!

There are only 3 pieces for this pinny: the body, a self-lined pocket, and side ties.  I had trouble figuring out the tie from what got printed from the downloaded PDF, so just used the 1 piece I had clearly marked, and made up another, longer tie for the bow. Thought long streamers on both sides would be too much frou-frou, and get in my way.

I started with what the directions said:

“1. Fold 45 inch fabric so that selvages meet in the center of the fabric.  2. Fold fabric again to bring left hand fold to meet the far right hand fold. This will give you two folded edges on the right hand side, which will become the center back for the pattern pieces. This will allow you to cut through multiple layers and not waste fabric.”

Here’s what I did, not being patient enough to faff about putting my two cottons together and doing this only once, and also knowing I needed a more fool-proof way to be certain my folds would have both sides equal ~

click any photo for slide show & captions

I cut off the white selvage from the one side of each fabric. Have you noticed – fabric used to be woven with selvages on both sides, and now only 1 side’s left plain, for manufacturing info?  Know I read somewhere about this, but only remember the bit about selvages now being woven differently with no need to be cut off.  Anybody else know about this?

Back to the pinny ~ I carefully folded the fabric in half and ironed the center firmly, with steam.  That gave me the center, ironed all the way down the fabric, as a marker.

Then I opened up the fabric to full width and folded each selvage to the center.  I remembered to measure – ta-da!  Just to be certain the 2 halves were equal. They were.  Then I ironed the fold on each side.

Once that was done, I folded one folded side over to the other. I now had both folds together. I ironed that, too.  Then I placed the pattern piece onto the fabric and found it only just fit.  No room to spare, and I hadn’t made any changes to it in width, but was thinking I might.  Uh-uh!  If you want to, you’ll have to either piece it, or use wider fabric!

I repeated this with the second fabric, then put them together. My relatively new pinking scissors wouldn’t cut through all the layers, but the fabrics had great affinity for each other.  In other words, they stuck together really well, even when I didn’t want them to.

Decided to just cut out each side separately, as the cottons are medium weight, not light summery voiles. For the second fabric, I simply laid down the first already-cut fabric and it stuck almost like glue whilst I cut out the second fabric.  Much easier than using the paper pattern, which didn’t stick at all!

Will have to continue this tomorrow, for final thoughts and more photos!


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            It’s my pleasure, Lovely! You’ve sent me such gorgeousness, unfindable over here. Glad to be able to send a bit ‘o something back! x del

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