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I’ve been looking for the quintessential (for me) apron pattern for some time, having none in my pattern stash.  Unless you count the dim, distant memory of using a yard of 36” wide cotton that was my first sewing project in school home economics class a bazillion years ago.  Ugh.  Talk about uninteresting projects, all of which would make it a very unlikely project for this month’s  Vintage September on the Monthly Stitch.  Right?  Not necessarily…

“Vintage” allowed too much to choose from, and uncooperative weather left me totally undecided.  Until last week, when I stumbled upon some free patterns online at fabric.com.  One, from a man on staff, was a pattern for an apron his grandmother had made and he contributed it in her memory.  Hmm.  Remembering my apron need, I realized it might just do…..

However, I did make a few revisions, and the method for cutting it out deserves a post all it own.  Click back tomorrow for that once!


The neckline had to be lowered.  Notice in earlier photos it looks almost V-necked.  Once I started doing all the edge stitching I quickly decided the V wouldn’t work, so I modified it.  However, i did stick with rolling the lighter side of the fabric over to form a tiny edging on the floral side.

I also made the pockets wider, and repositioned them according to my own arms’ length.  Decided to get a bit frilly with one pocket on the floral side, giving it an eyelash trim, but decided that  really didn’t show against the eye-watering print, so didn’t add to the other side.  The beige side’s pockets I left widened but plain.  The pattern called for self-fabric lining for these patch pockets, and the cottons were heavy enough, so I didn’t both to use any interfacing anywhere on the pinny.

In addition to lowering the neckline, I lengthened the shoulder area slightly and cut it into more of a strap and omitted both button & popper closures.  I felt both might be a little wearing on my shoulders.  Also omitted them on the side closures, as I didn’t want to have to fiddle.

Bows are nice, and I do like them as long as they’re not tight around me middle, so I decided to cut my own generous width for the left side closure. I cut 4″ strips as long as the leftover fabric was, hemmed them all the way round, and angled the bottoms.  When placing them in between the 2 sides I made 2 pleats, pointing them downward so no flour could get into the folds.  That made them about 2″ wide.  At first I considered making the ties reversible, too, but decided the doubled fabric would be too thick and heavy for a perky bow.

Everything fits, I can get into & out of it easily, and now I have a pinny!  The cutting process will follow tomorrow – how to fold thrice and cut once!

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  1. Hmmm…maybe not. But I got one from you today – and I’ve got it taped together, cut out, and ready for the material. I’ve even got the material together! I might get to sew on it tomorrow (tonight I was just pooped!). Woo hoo!!! Thank you again!


  2. It’s lovely! Think all my female relatives will be getting pinnies for Christmas after reading your blog!


  3. oh, that is SO. WONDERFUL! Thanks so much – yeah, it was the same this time too. I don’t understand what the problem is; must be my computer – or just me. 😆 You can use theremissionary at gmail dot com. Thank you SO MUCH!!


  4. I downloaded this using a Mac and had no problems last week. If it’s been some time since you tried, why not give it another go? If you’ve still got probs, send me your email and I’ll forward the pdfs. Thanks for commenting!


  5. And the funny thing is, after I read this and went to look at that pattern, I realized I’ve been there before! And why I never printed the pattern out is anybody’s guess…maybe cuz that one page of instructions comes across on my Mac as little black lines instead of words. Oh well – I could figure it out by the pictures I guess…I’m a visual person anyway. 😆


  6. Thanks for wnting, and reminding me ties around the neck bug me, too!
    And, like you, I don’t know why pinnies interest me, as I’ve rarely worn them in the past. But that might change, now I’ve got a suitable one.


  7. And I thought I was the only person on the planet who’s been searching for that “perfect” apron. Why I love apron patterns is the mystery of the century, as I rarely wear one, but love to make them. But THIS one I’d probably wear, as it doesn’t tie around the neck (ties bother me big-time).


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