something old, something new

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remember this summer dress?
Well, had a little problem before I got to wear it.  See what happened to the elastic?  I washed & dried it in cold water, gentle cycles, cool tumble dry so it shouldn’t have stretched so out of shape. But it did. And so I never wore it.

Wanting to clear up this UFO I finally thought about just cutting off the offending elastic and making a long skirt.  Then I realized I should measure the fabric, as if elastic was cut off, and see how much actual fabric was left.  So I did.  Phew! Almost 2.5 yards of 38” fabric!  Enough to do something with.  The rayon is so soft and the colours so bright, I have no intention of tossing the whole piece away!  Maybe a blouse… more thinking…  😉

autumn skirt
Just realized this rayon skirt’s over 10 years old!  Rarely worn, it’s a colour group I’ve always wanted to use as a blouse, but with just a yard I couldn’t find a satisfactory pattern.  Sleeveless was the logical answer, but that wasn’t my wardrobe vision at the time.  Now it might work quite well, so am giving this another chance to get into the wearable pile.

Dear Readers, what are your thoughts?