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When you look inside a garment, you’ll see seams.  Quite frequently, getting those seams finished appropriately takes experience and practice.

The reasons for taking extra care with seams can be much more than aesthetic. For example, seams need to be finished so the fabric won’t unravel, or so the seam will be strong, or comfortable on the body. Those are the bits I was thinking about last year, when these photos were taken…

And to look inside the word inside, here are the usual definitions from my favourite dictionary…

1913        In”side`, prep. or adv. Within the sides of; in the interior; contained within; as, inside a house, book, bottle, etc.
1828        IN”SIDE, n. [in and side.] The interior part of a thing; internal part; opposed to outside; as the inside of a church; the inside of a letter.

Just to be thorough, as the word combines in and side, here are those as well.

IN, a prefix, L. in, is used in composition as a particle of negation, like the English un, of which it seems to be a dialectical orthography; or it denotes within, into, or among, as in inbred, incase; or it serves only to augment or render emphatical the sense of the word to which it is prefixed, as in inclose, increase.

SIDE, n. [L. latus.]  1. The broad and long part of surface of a thing, as distinguished from the end, which is of less extent and many be a point; as the side of a plank; the side of a chest; the side of a house or of a ship. One side of a lens may be concave, the other convex. Side is distinguished from edge; as the side of a knife or sword.

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