the monthly stitch ~ update

vintage-challenge-badge-copyNow that we’ve got the first month under our belts…  whaaat?  You don’t know about The Monthly Stitch???

Just like it sounds, there’s a challenge a month, and September’s is VINTAGE!

I’ve been considering all last week which vintage pattern(s) to use.  No decisions yet, but I gotta start something soon.  It’s such a huge topic.  Variety isn’t the problem, choosing is.

October’s challenge is dresses.  They’re calling it Frocktober.  How cute is that?!  Glad we know it now.  Won’t do a dress till then.

come join us!

You don’t have to do anything other than sew to take part, and you can come & go as your schedule permits.  There’s also the collective.  The what?

The collective are the folks who are taking part in the Monthly Stitch.  Guidelines are here, and you don’t have to have a blog to take part.   (But if you’re thinking about starting one, here’s a way to try it out.)   The moderators are Kat, Mel, and Juliet , and they’re super helpful & informative.

Why not click on over and see what’s going on?  Lots of gorgeous capes are on display (last month’s challenge), with lovely posts by their creators.

Come join the fun!


5 thoughts on “the monthly stitch ~ update”

  1. Have “come late to the party” and don’t have many truly vintage patterns, so try not to be too envious of folks with lots. You go right ahead and wallow in your pattern stash – no need to be embarrassed about such riches! You’ve got a real gift with such a stash of patterns, and they will keep giving you much enjoyment throughout your & their lifetime. Enjoy!
    I find Monthly Stitch to be about right for keeping me somewhat, but not restrictively, on target, Hope you will, too! Thanks for your comment – look forward to seeing your creations online!


  2. Found the the Monthly Stitch collective! What fun to have group to work towards a goal with! Mentioned it on my blog too. I’m not sure how it will be sewing to a deadline but I’m hoping it will help keep me on task. I started going through all my vintage patterns and became a bit embarrassed at the collection. If I sew through them maybe I will feel more deserving of keeping them (keeping them anyway, ha!) and have a lovely wardrobe too.


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