industrial monday

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How jangled can one get, starting out the week with an hour’s concrete cutting and jack-hammering directly beneath one’s abode?  No, ’tisn’t a joke.  Some sort of unannounced maintenance…

On me way out to a quiet library, have a new tablecloth from last week to share with you, and more sewing room organizing!  Am so pleased to finally have gotten all hand-drawn & downloaded pattern pieces in 1 place, and sorted, too. Am so pleased.

Chose a small bound display booklet (from marketing supplies of an art store), but also unearthed a few plastic protector sheets for a regular binder.  I put larger patterns in them, but think I’ll get everything into the one little binder.  Better idea, don’t you think?

There are already page numbers on the sheets, so just need to type up a little Table of Contents, and it will be so easy to locate all those bits & pieces again.

Later ~ 🙂

2 thoughts on “industrial monday”

  1. Absolutely!
    Funny, I call you for a minute, then sign in & see your message. Lol!
    So happy your cast is off & yes, you can add to your other index… of which my version is still in the photo stage… hey ho!
    Take care! xxx


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