weekly photo challenge: an unusual point of view (pov)

heaven - iron next to sewing table
heaven – iron next to sewing table

This blog is about sewing, and things connected to it.  As author, I get to choose – whoopee!  Thus, the point of view is from someone who sews.

One of the things I didn’t realize was it also gives me an opportunity to show, through these weekly challenges, that we who sew do have a point of view.

That view includes many of the same areas any visual artist considers ~ colour, line, proportion, perspective, texture, etc.

In looking up the phrase ‘point of view,’ I found several things:

For example, Merriam-Webster has this: “a position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated”

The photo on the left might seem daft to most people.  But someone who sews knows there’s a great deal of ironing involved in constructing a garment.  Seams have to be pressed one way or another, or open; shaping with an iron is used, too.

Fabric is malleable, and subject to wrinkling at all the wrong places and times.  If you continually have to get up to iron something it wastes time and is tiring.  Can you understand why having that iron to hand is such a convenience?

About.com also has some appropriate thoughts:

The perspective from which a speaker or writer recounts a narrative or presents information.  Depending on the topic, purpose, and audience, writers of nonfiction may rely on the first-person point of view (I, we), the second-person (you, your), or the third-person (he, she, it, they)

Hopefully, yours truly presents her point of view from different perspectives, and they illustrate why so many people around the globe are choosing to make their own clothes.

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  1. Are you a left hander? The iron sitting to the left? How the ironing can make or break a garment aye!? As always love catching up on your blog even if it is stupid o’clock in the morning here. X


    1. No, I’m not a left-hander. There’s a wall on the right, plus a funny bump-out of the wall (that’s where the pattern board’s hanging).
      Thanks for stopping by, even late at night. 😉
      xxxx del


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