Sewing up the cape was a snap, after having done an almost identical cape as a test. But I wanted to get the details right, and that took as much time as the sewing!

To line, or not to line?  Decided to line it and used the machine to sew right sides together, leaving a small unsewn bit down at the bottom of the cape. That’s where I turned everything to the right side.  A quick bit of hand sewing, and lining was compete. Then decided to stitch all the way round, after pinning all the way round. Looked better, although it’s almost invisible.

And cutting out the lining – decided to add a bit of width for some give.  Se that little leat of fabric underneath the label?  He-he!

Samantha had sent the most precious little buttons, but they’re wooden and look to be hand-painted.  Decision: Use them and hand-wash cape or take off buttons before each laundering?  Still undecided about that, but leaning toward hand washing.  They’re just too perfect to leave off!

If I used the buttons, what else could I use to get closure, so to speak?  Buttonholes didn’t even enter into me thinking.  Briefly toyed with using a skinny ribbon made from the lining… but button holes were too tiny for that, as well as 1/4″ ribbon.

But I really liked the ribbon (from stash) and it matched the lining.  More thinking… Ah, buttons can be wrapped around. They don’t have to go through a hole for a closure.  So I used one button as an anchor for several long pieces of ribbon.

I like it – what do you think?


2 thoughts on “details~details~details

  1. Gjeometry

    I love the details!! They are my favourite part of sewing, I often agonize over colour of thread, edging techniques, stitch length, the list goes on, so this is great. Where did you get your cute little labels?

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Cute little labels also came from Samantha, along with her package.
      Glad you enjoy details! Have you seen Diane Ericson’s blog?
      I heard her speak several times about 20 years ago in CA and saw her work then.
      Am fascinated by her creativity, and while her style isn’t mine, some of her techniques sure could be!
      Hope you enjoy!


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