labor day monday

Using the American spelling as it’s the official Labor Day weekend, sort of the equivalent of the U.K.’s August Bank hol.  Whatever you call it wherever you are, Dear Readers, hope it’s happy & productive for you.

Last week was a bit of a crunch here, as 2 sewing challenges both had their deadlines 31 August.  The Sew Weekly Reunion was emailed in when the posts went up here and here.  But the second challenge was posted elsewhere… and I took a couple days off before posting here.  Do hope you’ll forgive me!

The Monthly Stitch completed it’s first month’s challenge, to make a cape, and that’s what was on my cutting table.  Click the link and check it out!

A-nother cape??? you ask.  Yes, Dear Reader, another cape.  I wanted to get it right, and it took 2 patterns and some tweaks before I felt comfortable cutting into that gorgeous baby corduroy from Samantha’s swap box.

Never one to overlook an opportunity, I made certain the trials were also wearable… although that first one I think I’m going to also use denim and make reversible.  Third time felt right, and I even managed some embellishment that included some of those sweet little wooden buttons Samantha also sent.

was this planned out or what?! such a super-duper package for my very first swap!  definitely want to do this again!

was this planned out or what?! such a super-duper package for my very first swap! definitely want to do this again!

Must admit the last 2 days have felt a bit empty.  No deadlines. Nothing sewing, just a bit of clearing up, and some major in-decision as to what project I most want to take on next…

Of course, lurking at the back of me mind is the September Monthly Stitch challenge: vintage patterns!

Hmmmm… have several vintage patterns to choose from, and a whole stash of fabric… This is gonna be a great month!


4 thoughts on “labor day monday

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thanks for your message, Jessica! I’ve a bit more of the fabric, which I also love, and am planning out how to use every scrap of it.
      Thanks also for visiting me blog & your kind comment!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Aren’t they? Thanks so much for your comment! Samantha also sent some wonderful beads, but I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate them as well… still working on that.
      Can’t wait to get started on vintage this month, and see what everyone else is doing with theirs!


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