weekly photo challenge: sea

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While sun & sand are reminders of beaches and oceans, there’s generally more skin than fabric on display.  Since this blog is all about sewing & fabric, let’s see what similarities we can sea…hehe!

Sea has some interesting definitions, which might or might not be familiar to you…

SEA, n. see. [This word, like lake, signifies primarily a seat, set or lay, a repository, a bason.]  1. A large bason, cisternor laver which Solomon made in the temple, so large as to contain more than six thousand gallons. …  2. A large body of water, nearly inclosed by land, as the Baltic or the Mediterranean; as the sea of Azof…  The appellation of sea, given to the Caspian lake, is an exception, and not very correct. So the lake of Galilee is called a sea, from the Greek  3. The ocean; as, to go to sea. 4. A wave; a billow; a surge.  5. The swell of the ocean in a tempest, or the direction of the waves; as, we head the sea. 6. Proverbially, a large quantity of liquor; as a sea of blood. 7. A rough or agitated place or element.

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3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: sea”

    1. Swing skirt – hadn’t thought about that – thanks for the idea!
      The fabric’s always reminded me of a blouse worn by the school secretary at the beginning of Poiret’s Cat Among the Pigeons, so was thinking along those lines.
      But who knows what might pop into thought before it actually gets cut out!
      xxx del


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