weekly photo challenge: focus (warning ~ more buttons!)

button row 1
button row 1

Decided to share the luscious array of buttons on a couple of shelves from friend Karen’s Craft Room.  They do show how focus can alter a piccie – either stretching out in a row of buttons in jars (above), or focusing on 1 specific button in a jar (below).

fa-a-a-bulous button!
fa-a-a-bulous button!

My favourite button is the large square yellow 2-hole, in the foreground of the above close-up.  The details of the rows of buttons are more generalized, but do show a little the extent of her collection. And you thought I was obsessed!

FO”CUS, n. plu. focuses, or foci. [L. focus, a fire, the hearth.]  1. In optics, a point in which any number of rays of light meet, after being reflected or refracted; as the focus of a lens.  2. In geometry and conic sections, a certain point in the parabola, ellipsis and hyperbola, where rays reflected from all parts of these curves, concur or meet.  3. A central point; point of concentration.

(hover your mouse over the photo to see the caption)

The official post is here.

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