mooore buttons ~ ain’t they gorgeous?!

Laura Pytlik, of WitNWhimzy wrote,

“I’m addicted to these patterns and buttons, but have no sewing skills to speak of. So I love seeing talented people bring them into reality!”

Don’t know about the talent bit, but I’m delighted to do my part in sharing my enjoyment of her etsy shop’s wares!

Now, which one’s your favorite? No way can I make up my mind… those caramel with brown centers are great!  But the red star with the sparkly heart is super, too.  Some of these are wooden and  painted!  Oh, golly gee whiz . . .    🙂

2 thoughts on “mooore buttons ~ ain’t they gorgeous?!”

  1. Doesn’t it just?! Noticed that & almost put a mention of it looking like a hard lolly… but couldn’t decide how to best describe it. but ‘boiled sweetie’ works right well!
    del xx
    looks like those buttons/or were they beads? from your weekend plunder!


  2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy …. The big orange one right at the top. It looks like the most lush boiled sweetie. Its a pride of place type button that one! X


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