W-O-W !!  Samantha's sofa on Sunday
W-O-W!!! Samantha’s sofa on Sunday

What can ya say about Wednesday?  Middle of the week, hump day, half way to the weekend… I’m hoping it’s button delivery day. Yep!  Ordered more buttons from Laura at WitNWhimzy last  weekend.  Will keep you posted, Lovely Readers!

Not much else to report except several days spent slogging through researching updates for programs on-line, time spent downloading said updates & programs ~ all that computer infrastructure stuff. All taking just enough concentration so’s I couldn’t step away and cut out a pattern, or sew a seam… but wait a minute!  I’ve still got UFO’s…  ah-ha!  maybe they’ll do for now……..

Fasten your seat belts, Lovelies, & prepare for a rockin’ ride through the haberdashery & fabric stalls of an East End Market Saturday with my Secret Swap-Mate Samantha & her 2 daughters.  Have to recommend you look at all her photos, as they are priceless, and so are her comments.  Her first piece is sooo true, and I laughed meself silly reading it and identifying 100%. Hope you enjoy it, and her, too!

Can you imagine that big a haul in 1 day???!!!!  Way ta’go ! ! !

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    Now I see it a few days later me thinks a counsellor specialising in the obssession of haberdashery purchases despite too few hours to complete the many project I have in my head…… on third thought WHO CARES! I don’t I JUST LOVE IT!


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