continued creative cape challenge

Was going to cut out the Peppermint Cape pattern Friday night, but was immersed in buttons instead.  About that link – when you click it, scroll down past the other free patterns to see the cape.  Free patterns?!  y-e-s.  Wanna bet you stop along the way?  hee-hee!

The cape got scheduled for Saturday, and the pattern went together easily. I even remembered to lengthen all the appropriate pieces, but considering there were only 3, that’s not saying much. But considering last week’s experience, also with only 3 pattern pieces, this was a good start.

Digging around in my scraps drawer I discovered what looked to be enough of the red cotton Lycra I’d just used for culottes. Good. I could use a top to go with the bottom.

Weeellll, there wasn’t quite enough.  I needed to piece half a sleeve, but the remaining scraps just were not cooperating.  But I got it, sort of.  Half the pattern’s going vertically & half horizontally.  Consider it a creatively challenging cape.   😉

Decided not to line the cape, as the cotton is a medium weight, and this is technically a test garment. There’s no raveling with the cotton Lycra fabric, so I seamed around the whole thing and called it quits.

Mind you, there was that last sleeve, which I started to pin wrong way round. Deva vu.  Luckily I caught it, and switched the shoulder seam to the inside.  Wa-hoo! No unpicking this time!  And extra cred for using my flex curve to round the top corners of the neck.  Just thought it oughta match the bottom front’s curved edge. Besides, getting a crisp corner in that fabric woulda been tricky at best.

So tell me, just amongst us friends, whaddya really think ?! Now be honest, puh-lease!

4 thoughts on “continued creative cape challenge”

    1. Pattern was a freeby from SewVersVenus, and is a snap to sew. Never thought of it for your wedding! I think I did it a second time so do a quick search if you want more deets. Or just give me a call. You’ve got the cold front that’s lingering too far north for us to enjoy down here. MEH!

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      1. Oh gosh, cooler air and some great showers! Heavenly day. Supposed to warm up again next week, though.
        I’ll search for the second version, may not be able to call right away. 😦 Getting so close to vacation time 🙂 and soooo much still to do in such little time. Yikes!

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