weekly photo challenge: 1 shot 2 ways, or, the project from last saturday…

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I decided to try out the lovely & free Vera Venus capelet, using scraps from my Burda blouse.

That fabric has a very pale pattern (which oddly shows clearly in photos) and I hadn’t chalked the  wrong sides as usual. It was that fatal, “Oh, I’ve used this fabric once so it’ll be ok” thought that did me in.  After I’d put sleeves in wrong way round and re-done them once, I discovered I’d still sewn 1 sleeve in wrong side-to wrong side, which meant the seam was on the outside.  I gave up at that point, declared the piece a definite muslin, and ironed it anyway.  That’s when I realized I’d also sewn the back to the front wrong way round.

Agh.  Eeeeeck.  Time to de-stress with a favourite “Midsomer Murders” dvd from the library & put me feet up.

When I went back to the capelet Sunday and tried it on, I liked the style & fit very much.  However, with heat & humidity still in our weather forecast, something less fitted would better suit. As I said, the Vera Venus is a free pattern, downloadable here, and extremely easy to sew up.  Except for me last Saturday.

Meanwhile, have had a lovely Peppermint Cape downloaded, printed out & ready to put together for adjusting & cutting out.  Here’s the free pattern and instructions.  It’s longer and less fitted than the Vera Venus capelet, and I’m going to try lengthening it even a bit more.  A trio of Lovely kiwis have already got their versions made & posted as part of The Monthly Stitch, so you can see how it makes up.

Have yourselves a safe, restful, and creatively fun weekend, and I’ll try to stay outta trouble!

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