oh-oh-oh! am sooo excited !!!! my swap parcel arrived!!!!!

Will be posting all my photos in a bit. Just had to get a quick notice up to say my Lovely Secret Swap Partner IS FROM THE U.K. ! ! ! ! !  I was sooo hoping, but didn’t dare to even think about it!

More in a tic…. Meanwhile, do click over to her brand new blog. Samantha has wonderful skills, lots of sewing experience, a great sense of humour, and lovely model-daughters.

Enjoy, whilst I fiddle with photos…


4 thoughts on “oh-oh-oh! am sooo excited !!!! my swap parcel arrived!!!!!

  1. oursewingpatch

    Utterly delighted you love the parcel ….. can breathe a sigh of relief. Sooooo wanted for you to love it. My first swap has been a success, now I dare venture into this exciting world again. How funny (strange) about the thimbles??? Meant to be be obviously Samantha sewinloveuk.wordpress.com

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Agreed about the thimbles-meant to be! This is my first swap, too, so hope my package to Rio is as appreciated as yours is here with me.
      Thank you – thank you – thank you soooo much for everything!

      1. oursewingpatch

        D’el you are so very welcome. Am sure Rio will be thrilled. I loved it so much will definately take part in another. I note you are 5 hours behind us, hope you are either sewing or you have a job you love :0)
        I’m off to crocher a flower to get my creative fix for the evening and SERIOUS sewing at weekend as well as getting my blog up to date. Enjoy rest of your day. Samantha x

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Enjoy your creative crocheting, and do get your fix for the day! Am working on photos for posting, and then will be getting me own sewing fix started, with visions of all these new lovelies dancing around in me planning! Enjoy your evening, and do show us your flower when you’ve time. xo D’el


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