serger tail gizmo

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Ruminating about massive amounts of green fabric and staring at the blouse patterns I hope to work on, I suddenly remembered a small needle-like gizmo, with a large eye on each end, that’s perfect for working serger ends into seams. With all the cutting & serging I did, the inside of the green striped cotton knit looked like a spider’s web of tails, and that would neh-vah do!  That little process is what’s illustrated above.

Being fair, one can also use fabric glue on the ends of each seam, but that takes time to dry, and the brand I used to use dried stiff. This soft cotton knit shouldn’t be handled that way, so this little gizmo came in quite handy!

Note: My ancient serger is a 3-thread serger (or interlock machine). The 5-thread ones don’t need such attention; don’t know about the 4-thread ones. Serger and interlock are interchangeable names for the same thing!

PD/ Forgot to include a view of the stretch stitching I did around arm, neck, & hem. Used regular machine, as I am not up to switching everything around for a rolled hem edge on serger.

stitch used for arm, neck & hem

stitch used for arm, neck & hem


2 thoughts on “serger tail gizmo

  1. stinigurl

    Neat! I didn’t know such a thing existed. I always just trim off all the little tails. The ends are usually caught in a seam or hem, and I’ve never had an issue, but this is really cool!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you for your comment! Glad to have shown you something different.
      Know what you mean about catching in a seam, and I did that as much as possible. But piecing all those bits onto the bottom made a lot of extra seams, and I cheated with the hem… just did a stretch stitch on my regular machine, as I had done for the neck & arms. So those ends were all uncut, and I decided to do this rather than cut them… and risk something vital unraveling at the worst possible moment!


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