green buttons… what green buttons??

actually, this is the remnant of the remnant, which i'm keeping, just in case...
actually, this is the remnant of the remnant, which i’m keeping, just in case…

It all started with this wonderful remnant of greens from some time last year. I couldn’t resist it, and decided it needed to become a simple sleeveless tee-smock-dress-whatever would fit.  Then suddenly the weather turned cold, and sleeveless was the last thing on the To-Do list.

Enter current hot, humid summer. And this pattern, picked up on sale somewhere… a great simple design (as in won’t-need-much-fabric).

Last Saturday I got everything out and stood on my head trying to lay out the fabric evenly. Guess what? Those stripes come and go, and they are NOT a straight line.  I needed 2 folds, so the fabric had to be folded evenly on both sides, toward the middle, so they met in the center. Think about how a staple looks from the side – each end folded over toward the center. That’s what I needed to do.

Normally I’d just start flipping each side of the fabric toward the center and slide it around until I got the proportions and grain right.  Nice idea, but cotton knit is slightly fuzzy and likes to stick to itself.  grrrrrrrrr.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t measure twice and cut once, as the DIY shows say… there’s a reason why there’s “lovely detail”  at the bottom of this.

On the plus side was getting the serger switched from black to white thread, adjusting the loopers so they were more or less correct, and generally becoming intimately re-acquainted with my ancient machine.  Another reason for a slight lapse?  Maybe, but I’m sticking with “creative detail.”   🙂

is this alllllll???????
is this alllllll???????

Yesterday afternoon, tired of sewing more layers onto the bottom, I thought about adding a just-decorative button or two at the neck.  Then I poured over my button stash and came up with… only 4 mismatched green buttons?!  How could I have allowed that to happen? And I’ve got all this green fabric??

Ruminating about that and staring at the blouse patterns I hope to work on, I suddenly remembered a small needle-like gizmo that’s perfect for working serger ends into seams. With all the cutting & serging I’d done, the inside of this thing had a spider’s web of tails and that would neh-vah do!  That little process I’m sticking into a post all it’s own.

Laura's green buttons flying cross country to moi!
Laura’s green buttons flying cross country to moi! (photo from her etsy store – thank you!)

While engaged in that project I went back to thinking about how to get some good green buttons… quickly.  Obviously the shops hadn’t had much, or I’d already have them.  Enter etsy… and the wonderful world of online search machines & photos.

On the first page I found my green button stash… er, it’s beginning.  WitNWhimsy, owned by Laura Pytlik, had this great group of green buttons and I had to have them.  Great price – great location – great selection, and they’re in the mail as I type!

I also ordered a wonderful Anne Adams pattern, but more about that another day.  Remind me tomorrow to tell you about the other Saturday fiasco project…

complete except for button trim!
complete except for button trim!

2 thoughts on “green buttons… what green buttons??”

  1. Hi, Teresa! Thank you soooo much for updating me on your package. I’ll know not to worry about it. We have sort of the same delivery policies at my building of flats. All packages go to the office, and we get a slip in our mailbox notifying us to go to the office & pick it up. HOWEVER, yesterday I was home all day and went to check mail after 5. Sure enough, there was a notice, but a slightly different one, because the package was registered and from U.K. I just ordered books from there, so it might be them. Or it might be my secret swap partner!!! Don’t know which because the post person didn’t leave the package in the office. I went to the Post Office this morning, and the boxes were still with the carrier – come back later, she said. When later?? I demanded! She gave me a phone number. So when you get ready to mail your package to me — can’t wait to see what you send ! ! ! — think twice about sending it registered.

    If my secret swap partner is reading this, and it’s your package, please be patient. I’m sure it’s safe, but I don’t actually know when I’ll get it.

    Apologies for this long answer, but thank you for writing, Teresa, and for all the lovely thoughts you’re putting into that package!


  2. I love green too! And guess what else finally arrived? Well not the box, which was probably your first guess, but the notice of arrival for the box. Because of security, they never leave boxes on people’s front doors, just joyous notes saying they are holding a lovely box for me at the post’s main office (meaning 1 hour walk one way because the local post doesn’t handle international stuff, hence why I haven’t mailed your box. I am so sorry!) Anyway, when my husband doesn’t need the car, I am going to use it to zoom over there and post your box and pick up mine (probably Saturday because he needs the car for work). On the plus side, I keep finding things that I want to add to your box.


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