weekly photo challenge: fresh (skort & that’s not a typo!)

Skort: cross between a skirt and shorts. Finished this up Saturday & threw it into the wash.  It had been in my UFO pile for a year, and deserved to be freshened up a bit! I usually knot the elastic until the garment has been washed and worn at least once.  It’s the best way to test and make certain the elastic doesn’t shrink!

Fresh, a. [OE. fresch, AS. fersc; akin to D. versch, G. frisch, OHG. frisc, Sw. frisk, Dan. frisk, fersk, Icel. frskr frisky, brisk, ferskr fresh; cf. It. fresco, OF. fres, freis, fem. freske, fresche, F. frais, fem. frache, which are of German origin.]  1. Possessed of original life and vigor; new and strong; unimpaired; sound.  2. New; original; additional.   3. Lately produced, gathered, or prepared for market;

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1991 career collection - shorts? skirt?
used a favourite pattern!
1991 career collection – shorts? skirt?

2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: fresh (skort & that’s not a typo!)”

    1. Just like pants or shorts, but the outside leg is a mite different.
      Although I do seem to remember I wanted this to be more A-line than straight, so probably added that.
      Do give ’em a go as they’re very comfortable!


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