radiant raveling rayon

Here’s another project that’s been aged for several years, getting worked on periodically, and now it’s on a hanger, almost done.

This started out in California as luxurious rayon in a true sunflower shade of yellow. I’d decided to use a favourite jacket pattern which for some reason I later decided to toss out ~ the pattern, not the fabric ~ maybe because I had several versions already in me closet, and this was cut out.

Time passed.  This jacket didn’t get sewn. More time passed.  The pieces didn’t get traced either.  Occasionally I’d remember the luscious rayon, but mostly I forgot it.

Then I decided to get it out and trace it, after tracing out that Burda blouse. Then one day I actually dragged it out and started sewing it.

Mind you, I first had to deal with the raveling issue.  As in, MASSIVE raveling.  To the point where it might have altered the size downward.  Not a good omen, as I wanted to use this as a largish, floaty protector from a hot sun.

It ain’t gonna happen.  The fabric’s too heavy.  But the good news is it still fits, and I’ve got the pattern for future versions.

Meanwhile, this is still on a hanger, awaiting more inspiration & patience.

Am I the only one that does this?!