those scrappy kiwis are doin’ it again!

tms_logo_teal4Talk about a never-say-die attitude! Their town was the epicenter for earthquakes last week, but has that stopped their creative juices?  Nope!  They’re off and running with another great challenge: The Monthly Stitch is an ongoing sew-along with a different challenge each month.  Instigators are  Kat, Mel, & Juliet.

Guidelines are here.

August’s challenge is to make a cape.

To vote on September’s Challenge, click over here.

I think it’s great that everyone gets a chance to suggest challenges, and that there’s only 1 per month. August might be waaay to early for me to think about a wool cape, but I’ve had the fabric in the stash.  Of course, I could always think creatively meself, and come up with something more suitable to this over-heated swamp I’m currently trying to survive.

😉  hee-hee-hee!

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